Recently I've started making my own dog food - using this
as a supplement ONLY to our commercial dog food.  This is
to help us save money and meet Jim's need to feed the
dogs something "special".  Mix, match, add to and delete to
this recipe to meet your own (ok, your dog's) preferences...
1 Whole Chicken
(This is usually on sale - I got mine at .79 per pound!)
1 Can Carrots (can use fresh, frozen or canned!)
1 Can Green Beans (again, use fresh, frozen or canned)
Water, Chicken Broth, Vegetable Broth
Put in crock pot, or dutch oven and cook on low for at least
four hours.  De-bone the chicken and place over kibble in
place of canned foods.  My guys say, "YUM!"
Home Made Dog Food
1.  If you keep this going
for three days the bones
will disintegrate!   (You can
keep adding veggies
and/or meat to keep this
going on and on...)
2.  Put this in a blender -
just to make sure the bones
are completely ground up.
3.  Add different veggies,
add brown or white rice (I
recommend brown) - my
dogs love to have sweet
potatoes added - Jim likes
to add mixed vegetables -
ask your vet before you add
spices, onions or garlic
Note:  It is possible that this food could be your only dog
food, but if you choose to do this, check with your vet -
you may need to add vitamins - you want to make sure
you do not jeopardize your dog's health by trying to
save money!  I use at least a half-cup kibble when using
this food.  
Nutritional Supplements
I do not sell any of
these supplements - so
these are my recommend-
ations only by virtue of
the changes for the
better that I've seen in
my dogs since I've
started using them!  
And, some of the changes
are amazing!
NEWF WARRIOR MIX - by Nature's
Farmacy (DogZymes)
Our Misty is dysplastic and, although
she is only 5 years old we see her
having difficulty getting up and down
into the car, (on the couch, on the
bed), she has trouble exercising as
she needs to - and because of that
(I'm not mentioning the table food her
dad feeds her), Misty is overweight.  
The vet is not unhappy with her weight,
but when you look at Cassie and Tank,
you can see the difference.  Since we
have been feeding the supplement of
Newf Warrior Mix Misty has been
running, playing and chasing the ball
again.  I am very pleased with this
nutritional supplement.  It works better
for us than the standard Glucosamine/
Chondroitin Mix - we feed this
supplement in its recommended dose
to all our dogs daily.
Since our dogs are show dogs, we are
concerned with their coats.  There
are many things that breeders,
owners and handlers will do to make a
Golden's coat more beautiful.  We
have a lot of trouble with this
because we have a chlorine pool and
three dogs that LOVE to swim.  We
are constantly bathing, rinsing,
brushing, combing and caring for the
coats.  Erin turned me on to a
conditioner to spray on the dogs daily
- see that mentioned below, but -
Karen Woods (co-owner of Cooper)
and Erin both recommended Nature's
Farmacy's (DogZymes) GRO HAIR.
Part of Tank and Cassie's good coats
may be genetics - don't discredit
this, but .... when David, Pam Benson's
handler, took Tank to Colorado this
summer and came back saying that
Tank had the best coat of any golden
there ... well, I immediately thought
it was most likely due to a
combination of the Grow Coat and
NakedCare that we use.  Try it!
Shampoos, Conditioners
and Other Coat Care
Well, if you get to know me, you'll know
that I'm no expert on grooming.  But,
because I've heard a lot of comments on
my dog's coats, I can feel fairly
competent here to recommend products.
 I am currently trying to get the people
who make NakedCare to allow me to be
a West Coast distributor for them, but
haven't gotten them to realize how great
an asset I could be (tongue-in-cheek).  
At any rate a shampoo is very important
- I would suggest you use a very good
shampoo for your dogs coat.  We were
told by a vet that human shampoo is
best - NOT TRUE!  Do not use human
shampoo on your dogs!  There are
several products that we have found to
be excellent for shampoos - Chris
Christensen has GOLD ON GOLD -
nice.  I stopped using it just because ...
well, just because.  I like Earthbound
products, I like Isle of Dogs products.  
Oh, and one other product that is very,
very good is Plush Puppy!  
As a daily spray I use the NakedCare,
diluted as recommended.   I spray this
on all my dog's coats and then brush,
and brush,and brush ... and brush. I
love to brush them, and they love to be
I promised you some treat
recipies,but they won't fit
here, so if you want some -
and Tank loves mine - send
me an e-mail!