As a child, I always had dogs. My parents favored Pekingese. My mother told me that when I grew up, I could have as many dogs as I wanted. Apparently, I've taken that to heart! My husband and I wanted a breed that would do well with children, and we spoke with a vet who recommended Golden Retrievers. So, over 35 years ago, a love affair was born.


With help from mentors, we have learned more and more about this wonderful breed. Our love grew from pet owners to showing our dogs, to breeding puppies so that we can continue showing and loving this wonderful breed. The name of our kennel comes from two of our Goldens, Sunny and Misty. 

When looking for a puppy, do your homework. All puppies are cute, but not all breeders are the same!!!

After we purchased Misty, we realized we had not done our homework well. Misty was not a well-bred golden, bred by someone who got clearances and bred to exclude genetic problems. So, when we looked for another puppy, we sought a puppy referral from the local Golden Retriever Club. There we met Pam Benson of Legacy Goldens and got our boy, Tank.