We are pretty strict about where we place our puppies.  If you have been selected to receive a puppy from us, you can be certain we feel you will love your new puppy as much or more than we would if that puppy stayed with us in our home.  We have both a puppy purchase questionnaire and a puppy contract for every person who is interested in a puppy from us. The puppy contract states that UNDER NO Circumstances the puppy will be sold to anyone without our approval - FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR DOG. Also, the puppy is NEVER to be placed in a humane society or rescue. You will find us very selective as to who might take a puppy home. For me, personally, these are not just pets, but family members. I try very hard to stay in touch with puppy owners throughout the life of our dogs. I do check references. All puppies sold will be sold on a Limited Registration. Unless the puppy is to be shown in AKC Conformation. If a puppy is sold on a Full Registration, I will stay on that registration until such time as all conditions of the contract have been met.

Each litter from SunMist Goldens is a commitment from me to the breed of Golden Retrievers and to those who take a puppy or the occasional adult dog home from my home. I have spent many years (and lots of money!) to bring you a puppy that I hope will bring you many years of joy, love and comfort. I expect a lot of my puppy owners, I expect them to love their puppy as unconditionally as the puppy will love them. This is a commitment not to be taken lightly. This breed is not a breed that requires minimal care. Please think long and hard before you take a puppy - any puppy - into your home.

Email sunmistgoldens@gmail.com.

We are looking forward to a repeat breeding with Chip and Tease in 2021!