Golden Retrievers

WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE! Whether you are here to learn more about Goldens in general, or our goldens in particular, training, grooming, or to find a puppy or an adult Golden, we hope you find what you need inside our site! Thank you for visiting!

We have owned and LOVED Goldens for over 30 years. Our children and now grandchildren have grown up with our Goldens. This love grew into showing and breeding. Through our love for our dogs we have made many friends and hope to share this wonderful breed with others.

Unconditional Love

Goldens provide their humans with love, devotion and unspeakable joy. When we place a puppy into your home and care, we ask you to provide a safe and loving environment throughout the life of that puppy. We offer you any assistance necessary to make that lifelong dream come true! We can help with boarding, training and grooming. 

We appreciate you visiting, and hope you find what you need within this website, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Terri directly. When a puppy, or the infrequent adult dog is placed, we do require both a puppy questionnaire and a puppy contract. These puppies and dogs are members of our family and we are pretty selective of the homes they grace. Email at